Observational Reporting System

Welcome to Save The River's Riverkeeper Volunteer Observational Reporting System. This system is designed to allow Riverkeeper Volunteers to identify and report issues affecting the St. Lawrence River. To become a volunteer, all you need to do is attend one of our hour-long training sessions that get you acquainted River issues from pollution to wildlife die-offs. The session will give you the knowledge you need to identify these issues and report them effectively. You will learn more about the River you love and you'll be given the tools to do something about the bad things that can happen to the River as well. All volunteers will be provided with a take home Riverkeeper Identification Guide to assist them in identifying and reporting River Issues as well as a free Save The River Volunteer t-shirt.

Learn more by contacting us at 315-686-2010, info@savetheriver.org.

For suspected oil or chemical spills please call:

  • NYS Spill Hotline: 518-457-7362
  • Environment Canada - Spills Action Centre: 416-325-3000

For other issues:

  • Save The River: 315-686-2010

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    About Us

    Founded in 1978, Save The River is a non-profit, member-supported environmental organization whose mission is to restore, preserve and protect the ecological integrity of the Upper St. Lawrence River through advocacy, education and research. Since 2004 Save The River has been a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance as the Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper.

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    The River

    The St. Lawrence River is one of the largest Rivers in the world and a magnificent place to live, work and play. Save The River has been working for more than 35 years to protect the River for current and future generations.

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    Over half of Save The River's budget comes from individual memberships and contributions. Supporting us with an annual membership donation will keep our River advocacy, education and research programs going strong.

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    Save The River was designated the Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper and is a member of the international Waterkeeper Alliance.

    St. Lawrence River Research and Education Fund is a proud supporter of the Riverkeeper Monitoring Program.

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